We all want that perfect partnership right?

There’s no better feeling you can get when you just know things are working in perfect harmony. Two beings moving as one in those moments you wish could last forever….

What is she talking about??

I am of course talking horses and our partnership with them. There is no denying that the bond between our horses and ourselves is incredibly deep and special. We ask these amazing creatures to carry us, dance for us, jump for us, run as fast as they can for us and in return we offer food, water, shelter, companionship and love.

Like any partnership though there are times when the communication breaks down and we fail to understand each other’s needs and wants. Sometimes through pain, misunderstanding, neglect or past experiences we simply fail to communicate.

There are so many influences that can affect our horses (injury, incorrect shoeing, saddle and bridle fit, diet and environment to name a few) and we try to offer the best solution to these issues by getting our vets, farriers, therapists, saddle fitters etc to help, but there is one influence we can change by ourselves…..our bodies and how we ride.

Equipilates™ is a unique movement and alignment coaching system for riders and I am one of a growing team of coaches across the UK working with riders to improve their performance. Actually, I am currently the only Equipilates™ Biomechanic Trainer in Scotland and right now I have availability for private 121 coaching, so if you would like to find out more and take the first step towards becoming a better partner for your horse. Just go to the contacts page and drop me a message.
I look forward to meeting you and your perfect partner!

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