Are you functionally fit or fit to function?

Over the last few years there has been a massive awareness of how being ‘fit to ride’ is important for performance and the welfare of the horse.
But what does rider fitness really mean?

Does it mean being strong and conditioned in your body to withstand the physical effort of riding?
Does it mean being able to ride without feeling out of breath or feeling that muscle fatigue?
Does it mean being able to stabilise through your own body while moving and absorbing the effect of the horse’s movement through your own body?

Wow, when you think about it we really do a lot as riders and I’m sure everyone will have a different opinion of what is more important for their discipline within the sport, but likely that it will be a combination of everything.

There are many online programmes out there to help with balance and symmetry but rarely do they look into what’s causing the asymmetry in the first place. It’s all great doing “the 5 best exercises to improve your seat” or signing up for the programme they’re offering, but if you’re biomechanically restricted then you are not going to be able to achieve this or maintain it.

So what do I mean by biomechanically restricted?

Firstly let me explain what kind of biomechanics I’m talking about. There are two types Extrinsic and Intrinsic. Extrinsic is a science and looks at the study of human (and animal) movement, it is measured and analysed by scientists and the results used to improve those movements and ultimately improve performance. Then there is Intrinsic, which is the study of how the body is able to perform those tasks or movements in relation to the individual’s mechanical make-up on the inside.

Sometimes there may be areas of your body where it simply isn’t functioning as it should be..a disfunction, where a muscle has gone into a sub-clinical spasm- you can’t feel this, but the muscle has forgotten how to relax and contract fully and has lost its full functionality and you become biomechanically restricted. This is where the use of Intrinsic biomechanics can help to improve movement and function.

So what makes Equipilates™ different from other rider fitness programmes?

Equipilates™ brings awareness to your riding and highlights the areas of your body that may be biomechanically restricted.

1. It helps to prepare your body and gives it capacity to be able to perform exercise by using intrinsic biomechanic techniques and exercises.
2. It uses Pilates principles and exercises to create a strong core for stability and control.
3. It uses specialised Equipilates™ techniques and cues to improve function and performance both unmounted and mounted.

So do you want to improve your function and performance?

I offer a variety of options from weekly lessons to a 12 week programme depending on your level of commitment and speed of results required, but below is what a typical 8 week programme would involve.

What I offer on an 8 week programme….

  • 4 intrinsic biomechanic screens 2 weeks apart to monitor progression.
  • 1 Unmounted session on saddle horse to help bring awareness to position and technique.
  • 4 mounted sessions on your own horse to help improve function and performance.
  • 8 x 1hr Pilates class pass or 4 x 30 min private Pilates sessions.
  • Information and exercise sheets emailed to you regularly.

What you need to do on an 8 week programme….

  • Be committed with time and money to complete to programme.
  • Do the personalised and recommended exercises as often as required.
  • Attend at least 8 hours of group Pilates class or 4 x 30 min private Pilates sessions.

So if you’re ready to invest in your own body and riding so that you can be the best version of yourself or want to chat about what I can offer, then drop me a message on the contacts page for more information and prices and I will be in touch.

Be the rider your horse would choose!

Janis xx

Janis McLellan -BHS Accredited Professional Coach and Equipilates™ Biomechanics Trainer

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