About Me

My name is Janis McLellan and I am a Level 3 Pilates Matwork Instructor, an Equipilates™ ​ Biomechanics Trainer, BHS AI and Accredited Professional Coach. I have also trained in Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Reflexology and currently training towards gaining my Biomechanics Coach Diploma. I have had a varied career with and without horses but my passion to help riders improve using an holistic approach has never changed.

Having ridden and worked with horses for many years, having had two children and suffered a few accidents along the way, I turned to Pilates to help improve my back pain and posture having tried most other available treatments. Shortly after starting Pilates classes, I came across Lindsay Wilcox-Reid’s first book ‘Pilates for Riders’ and after reading a few pages, was inspired to find out more and that year started training with her to be an Equipilates ™ Biomechanics Trainer.

As I progressed through the course I realised that my own intrinsic function had probably never been very good. Poor posture as a teenager and adult trying to hide my height (I’m 5’10”) and finding out that I have two scoliosis in my spine, which has always made it very hard for me to stay centred and balanced in the saddle. Something that for years I thought couldn’t be improved…..but I was very wrong. Working through the Equipilates ™exercises and techniques has helped me both in and out of the saddle and I want to share with other riders and non-riders, what I have discovered. Your potential is amazing!!

I am very lucky to be able to combine my passion for horses, Pilates, biomechanics and holistic therapies to be able to offer coaching to all levels of rider. I can offer personal intrinsic biomechanic screenings, 121 sessions both mounted and unmounted, Pilates and HIT Pilates classes and workshops, I am based in East Ayrshire in Scotland but happy to travel to other areas in Scotland for workshops. For more information go to the classes and courses page or send me an email.


"Great Equipilates course. Would recommend it to any novice or competent rider. Certainly more flexible than I was 6 weeks ago and actually can feel my sit bones!!"

"Since starting Janis's Equipilates classes I am so much more aware of what my body is doing and the difference it has made to my seat that even my horse is much happier and more responsive."

"First time doing Pilates and was thrilled how it helped my core and my posture. Janis is a super teacher"

Before           "Highly recommend both equipilates and biomechanics sessions to improve flexibility and balance in the saddle and improve any wonkiness in posture in the saddle. Janis worked with me over a number of months and the results were dramatic and the improvement in the way my young horse works on the flat just as incredible!"

"WOW... did the 4 sign exercise on both legs before I rode tonight. What a difference! Had a longer right leg that stayed back and whole hip area soft and flexible. Right stirrup down one hole and foot stayed in better position. Unsurprisingly horse went better too!"